Enjoy Delicious Asian Cuisine at Kylin Experience, Noida

There is something about Asian food that draws us to it again and again. Be it the balanced texture or the combination of flavors or the colorful presentation – Asian cuisine ticks all the boxes. Imagine the burst of flavors in small amounts or the play of colors you see in a grapefruit salad – such a soothing experience, isn’t it? For one such gastronomical experience, we have decided to take a look at the recently opened Kylin Experience in Sector 18, Noida.

Ambiente in Kylin Experience:

Like any quintessential Asian restaurant, the Kylin Experience has a casual vibe with your choice of colors, warm lighting, and comfortable seats. Upon entering, it looked like a semi-formal meal where one can sit and enjoy a leisurely meal with friends and family.

In picture: Veg Five Speed ​​Disum

Dining at The Kylin Experience:

We started with a smoked vegetable platter and prawns tempura from the starters section. The Smoked Vegetable Platter included assorted vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, button mushrooms, baby corn, and shiitake mushrooms, all served on a hot sizzling platter. Be careful while serving as the plate is very hot right now! Prawns tempura, on the other hand, is a staple in Japanese cuisine and if you are a Japanese food lover, you would know that it is a must-eat dish when you dine at an Asian restaurant. Tender and succulent well-cooked prawns hide in a crunchy yellow-gold cover, and a single bite of this deep-fried treat will take you to heaven in no time. The Kylin Experience did a great job here and in fact, I got a few extra packs for the latter.


In the picture: Smoked Vegetable Platter


In the picture: Shrimp Tempura

After that, we moved on to sushi and dim sum. Kylin Experience offers a plethora of sushi options. I chose the Truffle Enoki Rolls and the Spicy Salmon Rolls. In small quantities, I tried Veg Five Spice and Nepali Kothe (Kothe) momos. As the name suggests, the Veg Five Spiced Dim Sum was a bit high in spice content—I enjoyed the flavor of the spices packed into the bite-size dim sum; But if you are against spicy food, I suggest going for edamame and truffle dimsum. Nepali kothe ​​(kothe) momos were equally impressive and quite nutritious too. So, ask these if you are planning to have a light main course.


In the picture: Shrimp Tempura Roll

In the main course, I chose the Hunan style of hot pot vegetables and lamb from ‘The Wok’ section. This section is exciting for those who want to experience the authentic taste with a bowl of food. With over 10 options including the classic Green Thai Curry and Chicken in Chili Oyster Sauce, this section promises to delight every Asian food lover.


In the picture: Hot Pot Vegetables

For desserts, I recommend the philosophy with vanilla ice cream and the chef’s special chocolate roulade. You may choose to end your meal with a hot pot of jasmine tea. Not only does it help you digest your food, but it also leaves a nice taste (and aroma) on your palate.

Where: DLF Mall of India, F-456A, S, Sector 18, Noida

Price: INR 2,000 for two people (approximately) without alcohol


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