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From Spanish Nachos to Country Nachos: 5 Delicious Nacho Recipes to Try



From time to time, we all lay down and enjoy the easy-to-prepare dishes. A recurring complaint is that there aren’t enough options. To some extent this complaint is valid, but nachos, the regional Mexico snack often served with melted cheese, is a polite defender. It is easy to make and delicious to eat. Plus, nachos have it all: protein, carbs, and veggies. The Mexican delight is fully customizable as a solo diner or for a group get together. Toppings for nachos can run the full gamut of your imagination – as wild as you want to get.

Nachos are usually triangular in shape and are flavored with a variety of seasoning options. Here is a list of five nacho recipes that you can try on any given day, especially when you feel tired.

1.Nacho Chips

You can eat homemade nachos, like simple cornmeal chips and deep fry. The crunchy chips can be topped with lots of cheese and served with tomato salsa etc.

2. Trash Can Nachos

The name of this recipe is derived from the way it is cooked. Nachos decorated with other ingredients are placed inside a dustbin-like tin and baked for a few minutes and usually served on game days. The dish is inspired by American restaurant and television personality Guy Fieri.

3.Bread Nachos

A very country-style variation of nachos, it can be prepared from fresh or leftover rotis without the need for any fancy ingredients. All you have to do is cut the rotis into small triangles the size of chips and give them a desi touch.


4. Spanish Omelette with Nachos

For a quick breakfast, this might be your favorite haven. A simple recipe that includes potatoes, it can be served hot or cold at home or as a starter or main course during a picnic.

5. Cheesy Nachos

An absolute delight, this is a perfect dish to share whether it’s a Saturday night movie with family or going out with friends. You can have sour cream and salsa with it.

Make these delicious nacho recipes and let us know which one you like best!


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