Gordon Ram says vegetarian cauliflower steak is ready in just 10 minutes

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us wary of our food choices and the impact it is having on our environment. A global trend of vegetarianism and veganism is being observed. In fact, January is also celebrated as ‘Vegetarian’ as people are challenged to follow a vegetarian diet for 31 days to promote the movement. So, when famous master chef Gordon Ramsay took to social media to share a vegetarian or vegan recipe — we had to rise up and take notice. She shared a recipe for vegetarian cauliflower steak on Instagram, which is ready in just 10 minutes! to keep track:

“Guess what! Everyone in my house is going vegetarian, so steak night can be a lonely night. I had to make some really smart adjustments. This dish is inspired by my time in California. Honestly, tonight, It makes me want to be a vegetarian,” he said in the short clip on Instagram.

The complete recipe for vegetarian cauliflower steak was shared on YouTube on the official handle of Gordon Ramsay. Since being posted it has garnered over 153k views and 7k likes. Many of his fans and followers expressed their excitement over the famous chef sharing this amazing recipe which was completely vegetarian. “This is amazing! Definitely going to try it out,” wrote one user, “Cauliflower is magic, so happy for more veggies!”

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This easy cauliflower steak from Chef Gordon Ramsay is completely vegetarian.

How to Make Cabbage Steak in 10 Minutes According to Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay

First, cut the cauliflower into one inch thick pieces from the middle. Drizzle olive oil in a pan, and then add the cauliflower steak when it starts to smoke. Sprinkle salt, pepper and crushed garlic over steak. For extra browning, add small pieces of butter and a little lemon juice to the steak. Meanwhile, in a separate dry pan, roast the cumin seeds and chopped almonds. While steak is cooking, prepare salsa verde dip with chopped onion, mint, dill and parsley. Add a little salt, pepper, mustard, brown sugar, red wine vinegar, olive oil, dried fruits and mix all together. Once the cauliflower steak is ready, top it with salsa verde and roasted spices and serve fresh!

So easy and delicious isn’t it? Try this amazing cauliflower steak recipe from Gordon Ramsay for a delicious and flavorful treat that’s ready in 10 minutes.

Watch the full video of Cauliflower Steak by Gordon Ramsay here:

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