Have you ever seen colorful samosas? Watch this video of Kanpur street food stall making

A sudden wave of street food experiments are filling the internet with the weirdest recipes. From ice cream dosa to paneer pani puri, the internet has us stunned many times and going for a whirlwind spin with videos of famous Indian street food. This new invention from a street food stall in Kanpur selling colorful samosas adds to the list! The samosas are decorated with stripes of various bright colors like pink, orange, green, and are fried together, making it a delight to watch.

The video of the colorful samosas being made was uploaded on Instagram page ‘youtubeswadofficial’. These samosas are sold by a street food stall in Kanpur known as ‘Pappu Samosa Wale’. The video shows a whole bunch of samosas of different colors in a large frying pan. The video is captioned as- “Pappu ji’s colored samosas, food color is applied to differentiate the varieties of samosas.

Watch the video here:

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The food blogger who tasted the samosas also gives a glimpse of the variety of fillings of the colour-coded samosas. The interesting samosas impressed many viewers but also disappointed some. Some of the comments left on the video expressed their amazement with ‘Wow’ and ‘Super’ while others expressed their disgust at messing with the classic samosas. Some of the viewers even made fun of ‘Gulabi Samosa Asli Aur Serve’ which will attract all the ladies.

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Would you like to try this food color samosa? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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