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Health Benefits of Jaggery Tea: How to Make Jaggery Tea for Immunity and More



Winter is upon us and a nap in the air makes everything warm and cozy. It is that time of the year when we like to spend the day in our blankets, enjoying hot chocolate or hot tea. Amidst all things good and positive, cold also brings along many health problems including cough, cold and flu. This is the reason why experts suggest making changes in our overall lifestyle to make it seasonal. And food plays an important role in this. From fresh seasonal vegetables to the healthy and versatile til (til) and peanuts – we have got a slew of food options during winters. Each of these food ingredients helps to keep us warm and nourished from within. Another such winter-friendly food is jaggery (or jaggery). A candy-like material, jaggery is considered to be one of the top foods to beat the winter chill. It helps in generating body heat and protects us from the cold weather outside.

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He is not everything. Jaggery works as a healthy substitute for sugar and is widely used in various dishes to make it more nutritious. We add jaggery to almost everything – from halwa to laddus and barfis. But did you know that you can also add jaggery to your cup of tea? This is right! Gud Wali Chai is basically Kadak Masala Chai made from Jaggery which is both delicious and winter friendly.

Health benefits of jaggery tea Benefits of jaggery tea:

1. Increase Immunity:

The spices and jaggery included in the recipe are full of iron, minerals and many essential nutrients. These nutrients help boost immunity and nourish us from within.

2. Prevention of Cold and Flu:

Cloves, cinnamon, ginger, etc. used in tea are rich in antioxidant and anti-viral properties, which help prevent seasonal cold and flu. In addition, jaggery helps to keep our body warm and protects us from the cold weather outside.

3. Promote Weight Loss:

As we know that in winter our body spends the least energy. This is why burning calories often becomes difficult for everyone. In such a situation, jaggery comes to our rescue. If eaten in controlled amounts, it aids in metabolism, further promoting weight loss.

4. Promote Digestion:

Jaggery tea can do wonders for digestion too. The essential nutrients in Chai Masala and Jaggery help in digestion of food faster and easier.

5. Purifies Blood:

According to health experts, jaggery helps in widening the blood vessels and helps us to glow from within.

How to Make Gur Wali Chai | Jaggery tea recipe:

Making jaggery tea is so easy. All you have to do is make a regular tea and use jaggery instead of sugar. You can also avoid using milk in the recipe.

Presenting to you the recipe of Masala Chai. All you have to do is replace the sugar with jaggery powder. Click here for the recipe.


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