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Heart Health: How Pomegranate Helps Keep Your Heart Healthy



Do you turn up your nose at pomegranate? Must we ask, how many of you have thought about this bright red fruit other than using it in smoothies, salads or as a topping (seeds) on your favorite chaat? Apart from being juicy and delicious, the best thing about pomegranate is that it is versatile. Many would also agree that pomegranate is rich in nutrients. It is rich in antioxidants, helps in lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol and above all, works like magic for the health of your heart. Why are we discussing this? It is currently relevant because of the growing number of heart problems. In 2019, an estimated 17.9 million people were affected by cardiovascular problems. Therefore, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle and take care of your heart. Nutritionist Anjali Mukherjee suggests eating three pomegranates a day to protect your arteries and thus, keep your heart healthy.

Anjali Mukherjee shared a post on Instagram, which read, “So, if you want to improve your heart health then eat three pomegranates a day. Add other lifestyle changes to diet and lifestyle to get its full benefits.” needs to be improved.

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How Pomegranate Benefits Our Heart Health – Nutritionist Explains:

Pomegranate is a potent anti-atherogenic agent. It contains antioxidants that unclog arteries, lower blood pressure, protect the heart and prevent clogged blood vessels. For those who are suffering from high blood pressure, it is good to consume three pomegranates a day for at least three months.

This practice will benefit cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure in addition to providing powerful antioxidant support. The nutritionist further mentions, a heart-healthy diet will help you maintain a healthy weight as well as lower cholesterol and blood pressure and reduce your risk of diabetes.

9 smart tips for switching to a heart-healthy diet:

1. Eat More Fiber:

To add more fiber to your diet, replace white bread, pasta and white flour with whole grains.

2. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet:

Every health expert stresses on the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables. They are packed with nutrients and benefit overall health.

3. Limit Dietary Cholesterol:

Wondering how you can do this? Health experts suggest reducing consumption of whole milk, cheese, among other dairy foods.

4. Eat Healthy Fats:

Healthy fats including nuts, olive oil, avocado and other such ingredients help to benefit your hearing.

5. Avoid Trans Fat and Saturated Fat:

Avoid processed food and junk food as much as possible to avoid consuming extra calories and trans fat.

6. Limit Salt Intake:

Try not to add too much salt to your food. The high sodium in salt contributes to high blood pressure.

7. Limit the consumption of alcohol:

Alcohol is loaded with calories and contributes to weight gain. Hence, it is suggested to completely quit alcohol to enjoy a healthy heart.

8. Quit Smoking:

As we all know that smoking is injurious to health. Hence, it is always suggested to quit smoking for a healthy heart.

Other Supplements:

Other supplements that may also help protect the heart include white tea, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG, a major polyphenol found in green tea), grape seed extract, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, said Anjali. However, one needs to incorporate a healthy diet along with the above supplements to get the full benefits.”

What are you waiting for? Go to the market and get some pomegranates for yourself and your family members.

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