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How South Korean blogger reacted after eating from Zomato’s “worst rated” Indian restaurant



There is no doubt that India is known for its vibrant and delicious cuisine. A variety of dishes cooked with traditional spices and other ingredients serve as a heavenly treat for the taste buds. Often, we have seen foreigners enjoying and appreciating the beauty of Indian food. Many people also travel to India to consume the local food. However, South Korean content creator Meggy Kim’s recent gastronomic experience is unusual. Maggi, who has a huge following on Instagram, often reviews and rates various Indian snacks. Recently, when she visited India, she could not stop herself from exploring different cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Arunachal Pradesh, Shillong and Kerala among other cities. But it was his Jaipur food video that is making a splash on social media.

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The blogger was challenged by one of his followers to try the restaurant with the lowest Zomato rating. He accepted the challenge with a sporting spirit and ordered a plate from a restaurant in Jaipur. However, to everyone’s surprise, she loved the food despite the restaurant’s 2.8 rating on Zomato.

As you can see in the video, her plate featured a flatbread which was lachha paratha, white boiled rice and dal with some tadka on top. There was also some curry. Do not forget to make Raita of Boondi. for salad? Chopped cucumber and tomato. As she dives into the food, Meggie confesses that she loves food. So much so that he finished everything off the plate. Shocked by the rating, in the end, she says, “I don’t understand… I overdid everything. Maybe my taste is the worst. What do you think?”

For the caption, she wrote, “Zomato’s worst rated restaurant” with a laughing emoji. Her videos have garnered 828k views, and over 39k likes so far. People also gave different reactions in the comment section.

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One user wrote, “Sometimes competitors in the same area pay people to order from competitors in exchange for bad ratings and reviews to promote their own business.” Another said, “Food just has to be tasty, rating doesn’t matter.”

“After this video, this is going to be the highest rated one,” read one comment.

Another comment read, “If she’s saying it’s delicious, I trust her. Because all her reviews are authentic.

A user asked, “Can you try Manipur food?”

Another said, “I also tried worst rated restaurant food once but it was great. We had similar experience.”

One comment read, “It’s simple home cooked food, best combo.”

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