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How to Make Black Mutton Curry – An exotic mutton curry from Jharkhand



If you live under the impression that you can paint an entire country’s cuisine with a single brush, well, you’re going to have to do some rethinking! Because, the plethora of regional cuisines in the country are divided not just by ingredients or flavor, but by many other different factors – from the ratio of spices to the cooking oil and even the type of dish you choose to cook. prepare, divide by its ratio. That being said, there are still ways in which you can enjoy these regional delicacies from different corners of the country. Most of these dishes use common Indian spices and can be easily made at home. One such delicious authentic mutton dish that will surely charm you is the rich black mutton curry from Deogarh in Jharkhand and it is called Athe Mutton Curry.

Curry gets its distinct black color from the iron skillet in which it is cooked.

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Mutton is a top tier option when it comes to non-vegetarian dishes and almost all of us have a favorite mutton dish that we can eat on any given day. From biryani to curries to pulao, mutton meat is a perfect succulent addition to most of these lovely dishes. Similarly, this mutton dish is here to satiate your craving and make you fall in love all over again with its rich texture. Made entirely in pure desi ghee and an iron skillet, Athe Mutton Curry has a distinct taste and an attractive colour. The abundance of ghee seeps into the mutton pieces and makes them tender and succulent, pair it with a plate of puffed white rice for the spread of your next indulgence. Try it with this recipe here:

How to Make Deogarh Atthe Mutton Curry l Atthe Mutton Curry Recipe:

The authentic recipe for athe mutton calls for an iron skillet to give it that distinctive black colour. However, if you don’t have an iron kadhai, you can go non-stick as well. The dish is made in pure desi ghee, heat the ghee and add asafoetida to it. Add whole spices and mutton and fry till the mutton pieces change color and become slightly soft. Add chopped onion and continue cooking. Add the ground masala and stir continuously so that it does not burn. Cover the lid and keep stirring after every 5 minutes. Keep cooking till the mutton is soft and cooked in its own juices. Serve hot with white puffed rice.

For the Athe Mutton Curry recipe, click here.

Soft and juicy, this mutton curry from Deoghar is a must eat if you are a desi food lover. Have you heard of this mutton curry before? Let us know in the comments below.


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