How to make Instant Bread Dosa – Master Chef Pankaj Bhadauria shares a simple recipe

There are many reasons for dosa to be one of the most preferred breakfast orders in restaurants across the country. Crispy, paper-thin desi crepe, stuffed generously with a delicious potato mixture and served with sambar and coconut chutney – that’s a plate of irresistible dosa right there for you! Dosa, a favorite of South Indian people, has long crossed state boundaries and has now become a nationwide obsession. A passion that we not only enjoy in restaurants but also regularly prepare at home. Mention ‘dosa’ on the dinner table and watch everyone rejoice with gusto! However, this excitement is soon met with disappointment as the homemade dosa batter needs time to ferment. Well, if you have ever faced such situations, don’t fret! We bring you an instant dosa recipe that cannot be made with anything other than bread! Yes, you can make instant dosa with bread in 5 minutes. Masterchef Pankaj Bhadauria shared his recipe on Instagram and we are all smiling. to keep track.

Quick Dosa Recipe: How to Make Instant Dosa:

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In the video, Chef Pankaj explains how you can make delicious and crispy dosa with a batter of bread, rice flour, semolina and a little curd. End the waiting process and in just a few minutes the perfect dosa batter will be waiting for you. Chef Pankaj has started preparing the batter by roughly chopping white bread and mixing it in a blender with rice flour, semolina, curd and some water. A quick mixing of the ingredients will leave you with instant dosa batter that is of just the right consistency. Chef Pankaj too shared his recipe of delicious Aloo Masala.

Not just bread, there are many other interesting dosa recipes that let you experiment with the dish, they are easy, healthy and quick as well as delicious. Here is a list for you to check.

Well, thanks to Chef Pankaj, this quick and easy South-Indian meal is sorted! Will you try it soon? Let us know in the comments below.


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