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How to Reheat Semolina French Fries; Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila shares tips



French fries are loved by people of all ages. You can pair them with burgers, pizza, pasta, or just about any food item you like and they fit perfectly on every single platter. In fact, they are even considered a top-tier snack in their own right. While french fries enjoy an avid fan base, it doesn’t require long to hit the headlines. Because after a few hours, this all-time favorite snack loses the only thing that makes it unique – its crunch!

Free fries are loved by people of all ages

We can’t be the only ones who have bought french fries hoping to enjoy them later—only to be met with disappointment when they turn bad and tasteless after a few hours. And like many novice home cooks, we tried re-frying or microwaving these to meet more frustration as nothing changed after several tries. When we were almost on the verge of giving up hope of being able to enjoy leftover fries, Chef Saransh Goila came to our rescue!

[ये भी पढ़ें: शेफ सारांश गोइला ने हमें बताया बिना रोए प्याज काटने का राज]

In her most recent video, Saransh Goila shares a tried-and-tested method to ensure that your leftover fries regain life and crunchiness in a matter of minutes. Instead of frying it in oil or heating it in the microwave or using many of the other tricks you’ve seen, what you’ve seen is simply put a plate of leftover french fries in an air fryer for 3 minutes. And voila, you have crispy crunchy yummy snacks ready. Watch the video in detail here:

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