Husband tricked wife into cutting ice cream; funny video viral

The Internet is a melting pot of fun things. From celebrities to mesmerizing and beautiful videos from around the world constantly updating us on our next move, the digital space is a fun place to be. And if you’re a regular on the Internet, you know that pranks and funny videos are a hit among viewers around the world. Be it a child or an adult on the other side of the joke; These videos always manage to crack us up. One such video has recently gone viral and it pertains to an innocent prank and some delicious ice cream.

The Instagram page @piyushyaminiofficial is run by digital content creators Piyush and Yamini and documents their journey as bloggers and new parents. In a recent video uploaded by Page, we can see that the husband is pranking his wife to eat ice cream and it has torn us apart. The husband tries to record a video where he is teaching the wife a new trend, but instead he tricks her into bringing the ice cream to him so that she can bite off his wife’s ice cream stick. The wife immediately understands and tries to push him away from the ice cream but by then he has almost eaten all the ice cream. Watch the video here:

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The hilarious video garnered over 3 million views, 194k likes and 321 comments in a short span of time. Most of the comments make this particular ice cream eating technique as amusing as we are. One viewer commented “hahahahaha that’s so wow” and another commented “cute couple” and “God! He took such a big bite!”.

The caption on the video reads “The fun of ice cream in winter is different” (Ice cream tastes more delicious in winter). Many were inspired by the idea and commented on how they would love to try this prank on friends and family. One of the comments left on the video read “we should do this” and another read “great idea” and “I will always do this.”

Do you like ice cream in winter? Let us know if you love ice cream enough to prank anyone with it, in the comments below.