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“I Won’t Be Butter Shamed”: Parineeti Chopra’s Indulgence Is So Relatable



Adding butter kernels to the food not only makes it fun to eat, but also enhances the taste. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a foodie at heart, the feeling of indulging in something buttery infused is unparalleled. It seems that Parineeti Chopra also supports the idea, as evident from her Instagram Stories. The actress shared a picture of what looks like a savory pancake, served with red chutney. However, what caught our attention was the amount of butter on the pancake. Parineeti captioned the post, “I won’t be butter shamed”, and we couldn’t agree more.

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Looks like Parineeti Chopra loves butter since childhood! A few months back, on the occasion of Janmashtami, Parineeti’s mother Reena Chopra shared an old picture of the actress, in which she was seen enjoying some sweet treats. What caught our attention was the caption, which read, “Mera Apna Makhan Chor”. Check photo here.

Parineeti Chopra is a foodie at heart. She takes with her her love for food, wherever she goes. A few days ago they celebrated the new year while holidaying in Prague, Czech Republic. She shared photos from her food diary from Prague, where we could see delicious coffee with whipped cream and another hot brew with foam on top. There was also a multi-level gingerbread house. Check it out here.

How can we forget Parineeti Chopra’s food indulgence from her trip to Maldives! Her sumptuous breakfast was definitely making us drowsy. An omelet, waffles, croissants, fresh orange juice, coffee, chia seed pudding, muffins, salami and fresh fruit were all part of her wonderful breakfast tray. Her parents’ breakfast tray contained sunny-side-up eggs, muesli parfaits, and pieces of sourdough bread. Click here to see what her breakfast looked like.

When talking about Parineeti Chopra’s foodie adventures, it would be wrong not to mention her love for all things desi. Once, she enjoyed desi food which looked delicious. It included lentils, chicken and chutney. There was also a bowl of lemon and onion salad. Read more about it here.

We love how Parineeti Chopra savors different types of food and shares candid posts on the same for her followers.