Immunity: 5 minty (peppermint) drinks for excessive vitamin C this summer

Surviving the Indian summer is not easy. We cradle and complain each year, and this year is no different. It also does not help that summer arrived much earlier this year. It is being touted as one of the hottest in recent years, and while we’re describing how the coming days are going to look, we’re a bit excited about the ‘good things’ this time has to offer. Cold, summer beverages like rose sorbet, mango sorbet, Lassi, Chas, Jalajira, Shikanji Has been an important part of our growing up. One of the most attractive features about these drinks is its ability to rejuvenate and refresh us in a few seconds. Speaking of fresh drinks, have you ever wondered what most of these drinks are. You guessed it is peppermint or peppermint. The popular kitchen herb is a treasure trove of nutrients, antioxidants (such as vitamins C, E, A) and minerals. It helps in inhibiting free radical activity and naturally enhances our immunity.

Here are 5 mint or peppermint-based drinks that can give you a natural boost to your immunity.

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1. Mint Lassi: Summer without Lassi, it cannot happen, nor will it happen! This Punjabi drink made with churning milk just got zingier. This mint lassi recipe is served as a welcome drink at parties and gatherings. Click here for the recipe.

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Lassi is a delicious summer drink. Photo Credit: iStock

2. Mint detox water: This is the simplest recipe on our list. All you have to do is dip it in some peppermint water along with some cucumber bits and one water of lemon juice. Leave the glass or jar of water overnight and drink it the next day. Cucumbers and lemon juice are optional, it would be a good idea to add them as they give more freshness, and we should not forget the extra benefits with which they are loaded.
3. Mint Coffee: You might have drank peppermint-flavored iced-tea at various places, but have you ever tried peppermint coffee. That’s right, this cooler comes with a pleasant caffeine-kick. Research has proved that if a moderate amount of coffee is not bad for your immunity system. As a matter of fact, coffee comes with its range of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Click here for the recipe.

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Mint coffee can be made in a few minutes.

4. Mint Kiwi Lemonade: This simple drink here is full of disease-fighting antioxidants. Vitamin C in kiwis removes the risk of infection and inflammation. This lemonade has perfect, sharpness. Click here for the recipe

5. Coconut water with lemon and mint: This soul-pleasing thirst quencher is light, cool and super refreshing. Electrolytes in coconut water protect your energy levels from sinking, vitamin C in lemon and mint ensure your skin and immunity are in peak shape. click here.


Coconut water can help you get naturally glowing skin
Photo courtesy: iStock

Try these recipes and let us know your favorites.

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