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In 3 easy steps, celebrity nutritionists explain how to get rid of a weight loss plateau



Most of us are still struggling to shed our extra weight during the lockdown, which has drastically reduced our mobility. No matter how hard we try, that stubborn fat has not left us even after our lakhs of efforts. And, fat has found a way to stick around. Do not care. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has some quick and smart tips that can help you burn fat with ease. Here are her three easy tips for breaking the weight loss plateau she shared in a recent Instagram update:

Many people feel stuck on the same weight even after exercising

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1. Take an afternoon nap:

Contrary to popular belief, Diwekar said, afternoon naps help in sleeping better. It also allows a person to achieve optimum levels of growth hormone. This in turn accelerates the process of weight loss. However, Diwekar has one piece of advice: “Limit your afternoon naps to just 20 minutes—no more, no less,” she said.

2. Restructuring Exercises:

Don’t over exercise, it will make fat loss more difficult. Diwekar said a healthy exercise program should have at least two easy workout days when people stretch, swim or cycle. If they go in for yoga, there is nothing better than this. Yoga has been found to be very relaxing for the mind and body.

3. Take Healthy Fats:

Increase the intake of essential fats available in foods like peanuts, til (sesame), dry coconut. Include these things in your regular diet so that stubborn fat starts burning faster, giving you better results than expected.

Check out his Instagram post here:

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At the end of the video, the celebrity nutritionist asked her followers to try three easy tips and tell them how they feel. Rujuta regularly shares tips and tools on her social media handles to inspire and educate people to improve their lifestyle and lead a healthier life.