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International Coffee Day 2021: 5 health benefits of drinking the right amount of coffee



International Coffee Day 2021 is being celebrated all over the world on 1 October. Coffee is a morning ritual for millions of people around the world and research shows that it can do more than just start our day for our bodies. While drinking too much coffee has side effects such as heartburn, upset stomach, anxiety, fast heartbeat, or tiredness; The good news is that this beloved drink, whether it’s an espresso, drip coffee, latte, or good old cold brew, is actually healthy. So, if you need an excuse to celebrate your daily drink, here are five health benefits of coffee.

5 health benefits of drinking coffee in the right amount:

1. Coffee Can Help Improve Your Mood

While many of us instinctively believe in coffee, it has turned out to be true. This drink can brighten our day. According to one study, researchers say that the drink has been linked to great feelings like euphoria and happiness. Regular coffee consumption is associated with more positive emotions such as joy, kindness, affection, friendliness, calmness and greater happiness. There are also some studies that suggest that regular coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of depression in women. So, we don’t know why coffee causes this happiness but we do know that there is a connection between coffee and positive mental health.

When it comes to these feel-good benefits, consuming around 3 – 5 cups of coffee a day with a maximum intake of 400 mg of caffeine can be good for your body. However, if you are pregnant, make sure your caffeine intake does not exceed 300 milligrams per day.

2. Coffee Contains Lots of Antioxidants

Coffee beans are rich in antioxidants that you might think of as the good guys that fight free radicals or unstable molecules that can damage your body’s cells. And if left unchecked, these free radicals can potentially lead to chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. A beneficial plant-based compound called chlorogenic acid, a key antioxidant in coffee, is being shown to play a role in reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure and potentially protecting against chronic diseases by reducing oxidative damage.

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International Coffee Day: A cup of coffee can be beneficial for health.

3. Coffee May Lower the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Another plus point of drinking coffee is that it is inversely linked to type 2 diabetes. This means that each additional cup of coffee you drink your daily can reduce your chances of developing type 2 diabetes by 6%, to be exact, according to a 2018 meta-analysis of 30 previously published studies. Scientists say this may be due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, its ability to help burn calories, and its ability to help protect the gut microbes found in our gastrointestinal tract.

4. Coffee Linked to Lower Rates of Many Other Diseases

Studies show that consuming coffee can also help protect you from heart disease and Parkinson’s disease. Chances are you’re well aware of coffee’s short-term brain benefits, such as the increased alertness and improved memory that appear within 24 hours of drinking coffee. But coffee can also sharpen your memory in the long run. So, the link between coffee consumption and cognitive health is likely due to the antioxidant content of coffee which has been shown to be anti-inflammatory.

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International Coffee Day: Coffee improves cognitive health and reduces the risk of diseases.

5. Coffee Can Help You Be a Better Athlete

Have you ever noticed that you can lift heavy weights behind your cup of coffee and run forward? Coffee can also help you recover from heavy workouts. Coffee has been shown to improve athlete’s performance, including reducing pain and perhaps allowing you to do a slightly harder, faster and longer quality workout. It has also been shown to improve stamina and reduce muscle soreness. In addition, some interesting studies have shown that drinking coffee with a carbohydrate-rich meal increases carbohydrate storage in the muscles. This leads to a significant increase in glycogen storage, thus helping with your workouts the next day as you will have more energy to get through the workout!

So go ahead, pour yourself another cup of coffee. It can help contribute to a healthier body and mind!

About the author: Nabanita Saha is Chief Dietitian at Manipal Hospitals, Old Airport Road

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the personal views of the author. NDTV is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, suitability or validity of any information in this article. All information is provided on a status quo basis. The information, facts or opinions in the article do not reflect the views of NDTV and NDTV assumes no responsibility or liability for the same.


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