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Jalebi chaat, anyone? New Delhi Chaat Shop Serves This Unique Spicy Jalebi Chaat (Watch Video)



Indians are known for their love of spicy and salty chaats, even as every region of the country is filled with its own different types of tantric chaats. From classic aloo tikki chaat to the sensational daulat ki chaat and the ever famous samosa chaat, these savory dishes make us go crazy. Doused with cold curd, spicy and spicy chutney, and heaps of crunchy sev or papdi, street-style chaat is the most satisfying evening snack ever. However, what if we tell you, that there is a variation of chaat which is not only unheard of, but also somewhat bizarre? An Instagram video shows a unique find from the streets of New Delhi and it will surely blow the mind of all chaat lovers. The video uploaded by @delhifoodnest shows an eatery called Chaat Box in Greater Kailash-I making ‘Jalebi Chaat’.

Yes, you read that right; Chaat made from Jalebis! However, the Instagram page clarified that the chaat uses sugar-free jalebis, which are not yet dipped in sugar syrup. Boiled gram, sweet and salty chutney, dry spices, lots of curd, some sev, pomegranate and green coriander are poured over the jalebis. The caption of the video read, “To be honest, the taste was not as good as one would expect”. Check it out here:

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Even with the description on the video, many thought it was disgusting and even completely unnecessary of a dish. The comments left on the video were, “Fusion ke naam ke bhi” (they are making anything in the name of Fusion), and “Hey bhai why are you defaming Jalebi, jo jaisa wais rahe dho na” (why Are you spoiling the jalebi, let it be as it should be).

However, a lot of viewers showed interest in the dish and commented on how they would like to try it. “How was the taste?” A comment was asked, to which the page replied “Hum to nahi laga aacha” (we didn’t like it). Another comment read, “Yeh hai na badhiya” (it looks great) to which Page replied, “No brother, jalebi ekole ekhi tha” (not at all, jalebi tastes great in itself) It happens).

What do you think about Jalebi Chaat? will you try it? Let us know in the comments below.