Love the Nut Butter? Try this Creamy and Delicious Cashew Butter Butter Recipe

Peanut Butter Toast – The fastest and easiest snack you can make when you don’t have time to cook a sumptuous meal. Of course, there are countless other options like bread and butter, bread jam toast, cheese toast, etc., but they are not very worthy on the health quotient scale as much as peanut butter toast. Don’t let the name ‘butter’ fool you, butters made of nuts are very healthy because they are made with all nutritional values ​​of nuts. Not just mango peanut butter, you can make delicious butter with any nut you want – almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews and more.

People who are allergic to peanuts or who do not like the taste of walnuts coming from peanuts, almonds and walnuts; Cashew butter is the next best pick. In general, cashew nut is more creamy and subtle in taste than its counterparts. So, you can image how tasty its smooth, soft and velvety butter will be. Cashew is rich in healthy carbs, protein, calcium and vitamin E and K. Walnuts Walnuts are also a powerhouse of some essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium, copper, phosphorus and folic acid.

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Cashew is rich in calcium, protein and other nutrients.
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Like peanut butter, cashew butter is made by grinding walnuts until you get a smooth paste. Use it as a sandwich spread or add it to your smoothie, pancake, granola bar, and desserts such as cakes and ice-creams.

So without further ado, we will share here an easy recipe of cashew butter.

Cashew Butter Recipe


All you need are three main ingredients – cashew, olive oil and some salt. Many people prefer coconut oil instead of olive oil to make this butter. The election is yours in the end. You can also use clarified butter (ghee) to make it.


Take 2 cups of cashews and fry them with salt as per your taste. Once they turn light brown and look well toasted, remove from heat and allow them to cool.

Transfer to a food processor or high-power mixer-blender, add 2 tablespoons of oil of your choice and mix until a smooth, butter paste is obtained.

Try this quick and easy cashew butter butter recipe, and always be ready for those immediate hunger pangs.

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