Man breaks up with a cheating girlfriend who was secretly watching McDonald’s

The boyfriend suspected the girlfriend that she was cheating on him, when she was actually going to McDonald’s.iStock

Fast-food giant McDonald’s food is probably one of the most-liked casual foods worldwide. Recently, we saw news of a UK woman who traveled to three counties to get a McDonald’s burger for herself. He was later fined for making ‘non-essential’ trips amid nationwide lockouts. And now, the latest piece of news proves how much people love the burger joint. A distraught 22-year-old woman takes Reddit to explain how her 24-year-old boyfriend broke up with her because she felt she was cheating on him; However, she was actually just visiting McDonald’s without telling him. Just look:

My boyfriend (24M) broke up with me (22F) because he thinks I’m cheating but I’m actually sneezing to eat McDonald’s from R / Relationship

The post was shared by U / ThrillingGuff in the subreddit r / relationDevice, where it received a 2.8k upvote and count. In a later lesson, the anonymous user narrated his ordeal and did not know what to do. She revealed that her boyfriend was a vegetarian and wanted to try a diet as well, so she made the switch. “So I was in this relationship for about 3 years. My (now) ex has been a vegetarian since the age of 18. When we moved in together last year he wanted me to try vegan and honestly. I Was already considering being vegetarian. ” Why not, ”she explained in her post.

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chicken nuggets

THThe E lady was actually going to McDonald’s to get the chicken nuggets.

She later realizes how much she missed eating the McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets, where she dreams of being surrounded by them! She would then go out all the time on the pretext of going out for groceries or work when she was actually dining at McDonald’s. She kept doing this for months, which made her lover suspicious. He accuses her of cheating on him and breaks up with him, even though he tells her what the real deal was. “Clearly I came clean about the whole thing, but he doesn’t believe me. He thinks I’m lying about going to McDonald’s and he’s convinced that I’m just covering up,” he said. Wrote

He suggested to Reddit users how to prove his innocence. One user commented, “You can prove this with your bank statements. It’s kinda weird.” Another tried to look on the bright side, “… Well I guess you don’t have to eat secretly anymore so that’s it.”

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