McDonald’s BTS Meals Sold Out in Indonesia, Here’s How Fans React

If you’re one of the members of the BTS military, you definitely know about McDonald’s special BTS food. The fast-food joint collaborated with the global K-pop sensation to bring its favorite food to all McDonald’s customers around the world. BTS-exclusive food was recently launched, and in no time, it became a hit globally and even in Indonesia. We found several photos and videos where we saw people flocking outside McDonald’s outlets in Indonesia to enjoy their icon’s favorite food. Since restaurants in Indonesia are still open for dine-in, we can also see people standing in long queues to get BTS food. So much so, that many outlets ran out of supply to meet the overwhelming demand. This special meal includes 10 chicken nuggets, chips, Coke, and two sauces — all wrapped up in a pretty purple package.

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Let’s see how BTS fans from Indonesia reacted to BTS food:

Along with a video of the long queue, a Twitter user in Indonesian wrote, “Here’s the BTS food queue.”

“BTS food sold out everywhere in Indonesia. I can’t even order it and the store was closed due to overloaded orders,” read another tweet.

Another fan, who ordered a BTS meal, reviewed, “It’s so beautiful. They even handed out another paper bag for us to hold Thank you McDonald’s Indonesia @McDonalds @BTS_twt #BTSMeal.”

Reportedly, the shops became so crowded that Jakarta police had to temporarily close over 30 branches across the city due to the COVID-19 scare.

For those unaware, BTS food is also available in India from June 1, 2021. Click here to learn more.

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