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move on to the samosa; Try This Crispy Lauki Vadi for Tea Time Snack



Tea time is of utmost importance to us Indians – it is that time of the day when we can relax for a few minutes and connect with our family and friends. And evening tea is incomplete without a delicious breakfast. While tea is best paired with samosas, one can get bored of having it again and again. We want a variety of snack options that are unique and delicious to eat with tea. That’s why we have found a recipe that will surprise your taste buds, Lauki Vadi.

Due to the dull and boring nature of bottle gourd, not many people expect it to make a mouth-watering snack. This gourd plaintiff is here to prove those people wrong. This healthy and nutritious gourd recipe makes a crispy and spicy snack that will taste great with tea! As Lauki is known for its stress reducing cooling effect, this Lauki Vadi will make you feel happy after a long day of work.

Lauki Vadi will taste great with Sauce.

How to make Lauki Vadi:

Add salt to the grated bottle gourd and keep it for few minutes. Remove the water from the bottle gourd. Add grated bottle gourd, gram flour, semolina, chopped onion, chopped coriander, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric, chili powder and salt. Mix it well, taking care to remove as much moisture as possible from the vadi. Moisture breaks the shape of the vadi. Make round discs from bottle gourd batter. Fry the raw vadis till golden brown.

Click here for step by step recipe of Lauki Vadi.

Serve this lauki vadis with tomato ketchup and it will become a party favorite!

Re-create this delicious Lauki Vadi recipe and let us know how you liked it in the comment section below.


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