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Mutton Rice Recipe: This combination of mutton curry and rice makes for a healthy meal



Lush, succulent and delicious, mutton curry is one dish that we cannot stop salivating at the sight of it. A delight for non-vegetarian lovers, the combination of mutton curry and steamed rice is truly a heavenly delight in which pieces of meat are dipped in a gravy made with a pool of spices and other ingredients layered on soft boiled rice. . Actually! Mutton curry and rice are matchbox made in heaven. From Rajasthani Mutton Curry and Railway Mutton Curry to Awadhi Gosht Korma, there are many different dishes of mutton curry available in the cuisine of India. Each state has some unique style of preparing mutton and the best part is that all these curries are delicious.

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Be it the menu of your favorite restaurant, dhaba or dinner/lunch party at home, mutton recipes can easily impress the guests. The succulent, succulent pieces of mutton garnished with spices and tossed in a smooth gravy can make anyone swoon when served at the table. All you have to do is mix it with rice and there you get your nutritious mutton meal right in front of you. If you are also a fan of mutton curry with rice, then we bring you this easy recipe to make at home. read below.

Here’s how you can make mutton rice at home. Mutton Rice Recipe:

To begin, you need to prepare mutton curry. There are so many different recipes for preparing mutton curry. Here’s one we love to make with rice.

First of all pressure cook the mutton pieces and whole spices for 4-5 whistles. For the second step, add onion, ginger garlic, dry ingredients in a pan and make spices, add gram flour, buttermilk and let it cook well. finally, add the mutton and the remaining masala, mix it with the steamed rice and the delicious mutton rice is ready to eat.

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This is how we make Mutton Curry and Rice Combo; Tell us how you liked this recipe in the comments below.

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