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Navratri 2021: 5 Fast-Friendly Paneer Recipes You Can Make at Home



Navratri 2021 has almost begun and the country is gearing up for a nine-day festival which will start from October 7 and will go on till October 15. Navratri translates to nine nights and these nights are dedicated to the worship of Goddess Durga. Many devotees will observe a fast during these nine days and limit their intake to light sattvik food including potatoes, buckwheat flour, sago. If you are one of those devotees who will fast for the next nine days, it does not mean that you should give up the taste and taste completely. So, we found some delicious vrat friendly curries made with the all time favorite paneer. These recipes are easy, fast made with approved ingredients and are quick to make.

Here are 5 fast-friendly paneer recipes that you can try in Navratri 2021:

1. Paneer Makhani:

Classic Paneer Makhani can also be enjoyed as a fasting recipe. Cashews, fresh cream and non-salt butter give it a rich taste and tomato gravy gives it a thick red texture, try it in the coming days, here is the recipe for you.

Navratri 2021: Fast-Friendly Paneer Makhani Curry

2. Ajwain Paneer Kofta:

Ajwain Paneer Kofta is a spicy and delicious paneer gravy cooked in a spicy tomato puree with ajwain and degi mirch using rock salt for fasting people. Crunchy and delicious paneer koftas in gravy are made from paneer and singhara flour. Click here for the recipe

3. Paneer Tomato Vegetable:

An easy and quick lunch or dinner recipe, tomato paneer ki sabzi is a delicious addition to our fasting meals. This juicy curry will be ready in no time and can be enjoyed with kuttu ki puri or other fast-friendly flatbreads. Click here for the recipe.


Navratri 2021: Paneer tomato curry suitable for fasting

4. Velvet Paneer Kofta:

A rich and creamy paneer kofta curry, this version is fast-paced and oh-so-delicious. Delicious koftas are made from crushed makhana, paneer and cashew nuts. Dipped in a gravy made of milk and rock salt, this dish is a true fast-accepted bhog. Click here for the recipe.

5. Cheese Mazdaar:

Have a grand feast while fasting with this dish. Creamy gravy is made from singhara flour, melon seeds and fresh cream. Drizzle cream on top and green coriander for garnish will surely make your taste buds happy. Try it with this recipe.


Navratri 2021: Fast-Friendly Paneer Mazdar Curry

There you go, who said that during fasting you need to make sacrifices on taste? Try these delicious fasting friendly paneer recipes and have a great experience.

Happy Navratri 2021 to all!


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