Neelakadalai Chutney: Make this peanut chutney with your next South Indian meal in just 30 minutes!

South India has undoubtedly given us many foods to eat. From spicy to sweet, many South Indian dishes have become household names. Such is the popularity of their traditional foods that you can find food ranging from small street vendors to large restaurants specializing in bringing out the original taste of South India. While we all love dosa, idli, vada and sambar – no doubt most of us like to have chutney with it. Be it the famous coconut chutney or green mint chutney, it tastes great with food. So to give you a different taste with your next South Indian meal, we bring you the new chutney called Neelkadalai Chutney.

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If you are wondering what is Neelkadalai chutney, then it is a chutney made from peanuts. Peanut chutney may sound simple in taste, but this chutney will be full of flavor!

Health Benefits of Peanuts:

Peanuts are known to be rich in many nutrients like protein, sugar, fiber, carbs and fat. They are also known to aid in heart health, weight loss can lead to stronger bones and healthier skin.

Peanuts can help with weight management if consumed in moderation

Here is the recipe of Neelkadalai Chutney. Neelkadalai Chutney

To make Neelkadalai chutney, you need one cup of roasted peanuts, three cloves of garlic, two finely chopped onions, three tablespoons of oil and coconut powder and one tablespoon of jaggery, half tamarind, two dry red chilies, three-four curry leaves. will be required. and salt as per taste.

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First of all, roast the peanuts for 10 minutes. Let it cool down and remove the skin of the peanuts. Then add a tablespoon of oil to the pan, add your garlic, red pepper and onion. Fry it till the onion becomes soft. Then add tamarind, salt and jaggery. Let it cook for a minute and let it cool down for 10 minutes.

Put peanuts, coconut and prepared mixture in a blender. Blend it until a smooth paste is formed. Take it out in a bowl. Then make a little tempering using oil, red chili, curry leaves and pour over the chutney.

Click here for step by step recipe of Neelakadalai Chutney.

Make this chutney at home with your next South Indian meal and enjoy it with your family!



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