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“North Indian dosa is better” tweet triggers heated debate



The internet is once again divided into two sides regarding food. Guess what is the focus of the conflict this time? Dosa has garnered attention on social media due to a user’s comment about the item. Dosa is a thin crepe-like delicacy that originates from the land of South India. It is made from a fermented batter of rice and lentils and is served with traditional sambar and chutney. A user on Twitter wrote, ‘North Indian dosa is better. This comment has sparked a lot of debate on the microblogging platform. Most of the comments following this tweet either disagree with the comment or make fun of it. In fact, the post has already received over 2,000 quote tweets on Twitter.

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What one user did to disagree with the tweet wrote, “Dosa itself is South Indian, girl… North Indians just copied it. There is no such thing as a North Indian dosa.”

Another wrote, “You must be confused with Vada Pav. We should eat dosa with coconut chutney and sambar and not with ketchup.”

A person asked, “What is a North Indian dosa?”

Twitter users soon took to explaining the difference between the original dosa and the way it is served in North Indian restaurants. He pointed to the amount of cheese and different types of sauces that go into making a simple dish. One such user posted a picture of what could be put in a North Indian rendition of dosa. The list included ingredients like butter, mozzarella cheese, capsicum, spring onions, schezwan sauce, tomato sauce and pav bhaji masala. The user wrote, ‘Are you talking about such things?

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This person took a jibe at Dosa’s tweet. He wrote, “North Indian dosa – yes yes do you also know pav bhaji from chennai is the best.”

Someone explained that the dosa served at roadside stalls in South India is far better than the dosa served in the upscale restaurants in the north. He added, “And the same applies to idli, mettu vada, bonda, bisi billi snan, chawal rasam, kesari snan, uttapam, pongal.”

“Waiting for someone’s claim, American dosa is better,” read one comment.

Looks like the dosa debate is not going to end very soon. Ages?


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