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Paneer Do Pyaza gets a tough competition from this Aloo Do Pyaza recipe; check it out



It is true that there are endless choices of vegetables to cook our daily meals. But, one way or another, in almost every Indian household, potatoes are cooked most often. Since they can be paired with almost anything, you can make many dishes with the ingredients. We already cook a variety of potato curry with different flavors, yet we just can’t resist the temptation to try a new one. If you are with us, then here is one potato recipe that you must try. Aloo Do Pyaza can give tough competition to the more popular Paneer Do Pyaza and Chicken Do Pyaza, and may even emerge as a winner in some households.

Every ‘Do Pyaaja’ dish celebrates the versatile flavor and crunch of onions. Aloo Do Pyaza does just that without affecting the all-time favorite taste of potatoes. Along with chopped onions, chopped tomatoes are also added to add some spiciness to the dish.

What makes this recipe special is the extra crunch it brings to the palate. Potatoes, onions and tomatoes – all lightly fried in the beginning and later cooked in a thick onion gravy that is already infused with some of the delicious flavors of our Indian spices.

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We are sure that after reading this, you can’t wait to try this dish. Here is an easy recipe for you to try at home.

Easy Aloo Do Pyaza Recipe:

Click here to see the detailed recipe of Aloo Do Pyaza. Give it a try and thank us for sharing such amazing recipes with you later.