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Peculiar Food Combo: Gulab Jamun Chaat with Curd and Chutney stuns the Internet



Today, the internet is full of various viral food stuffs. But at the top of the list are quirky food combinations. You must have surely seen many such recipe videos in which two completely different ingredients are mixed together to make something new. Maggi and Gulab Jamun are two of the most commonly used ingredients in such dishes. We have seen Maggi, milk, soft drinks and much more made in Rooh Afza. Then there are gulab jamun pakoras, gulab jamun parathas and the list goes on. Recently added to the list is Gulab Jamun Chaat. That’s correct! We recently came across a video in which a street side chaat vendor is seen preparing a plate of chaat with gulab jamun, curd, tamarind chutney, coriander chutney etc.

A Twitter user named Mayur Sejpal uploaded the video on his handle and wrote along with, “Show me worse than this… Kya Hai Yeh (What is this)?” He further wrote, “How can one do this with Gulab Jamun (How can one do this with Gulab Jamun)?” The video also featured a man who actually tried the dish and gave a confused (facial) reaction to it. to keep track:

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The tweet left many other Twitter users confused as well. The video post garnered 24.3k views and hundreds of comments where people shared their thoughts on the same.

“I’m sure these guys won’t try to do this kind of nonsense with biryani!” One user said, to which another person reacted, “Are you sure…there’s Strawberry Biryani, Nutella Biryani, Rasgulla Biryani too!”

Another user wrote, “People who cook such food and eat and post such videos should be in Tihar. Life imprisonment.” To this a person said, “And they should be fed this dish in lunch, dinner.”

What are your thoughts on this unique (read: quirky) chaat recipe? Would you like to try something? Do let us know in the comments below.

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