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Puja Special: How To Make Delicious Bengali Kosha Mangsho For Durga Puja (Watch Video)



The festive season has begun; While many of us are celebrating Navratri with great enthusiasm and fervor – the eastern part of the country today welcomes Goddess Durga into our homes and hearts! Today is the first day of the much awaited Durga Puja festival and it is called Shashthi or Maha Shashthi. During the next few days, there will be festive fervor in West Bengal and the surrounding regions, and as any Bengali will rightly tell you that Puja season is all about the food! So, without wasting much time, let’s take a look at a mutton recipe that is a must eat during the puja. It is an iconic Bengali dish called Kosha Mangsho.

Kosha Mangsho is a rich and delicious Bengali curry

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For the uninitiated, Kosha Mangsho / Mutton Kosha is one of those rich mutton curries that are intrinsic to lavish Bengali feasts. The word ‘kosha’ has the same meaning as long roasting or frying and in this case Mangso is mutton. Just like the name, Kosha Mangsho is prepared by slow-cooking over a very long period of time over low heat to result in a thick and velvety brown gravy and juicy tender mutton pieces. The ingredients are quite simple; All you need is some whole spices, ginger-garlic, onion and some dry spices. Slow cook them until the pieces of meat are tender – a little spritz of this aromatic dish will surely make you cringe before you even see the dish. it looks interesting? Well, now you can easily make it for your pooja bhoj which this recipe is here.

Durga Puja 2021: How to make Kosha Mangsho El Kosha Mangsho Recipe:

If you want to make the authentic look of kosha mango, you have to use mustard oil. Heat it in a pan and add some whole spices to it. Once they crackle, add onion and ginger-garlic paste, then add dry spices separately. Add the mutton pieces and when their color changes, add curd too. Cover and cook till the mutton becomes soft. Serve hot and enjoy. For a detailed recipe, watch the video in the header section.

We hope you have a delicious pooja celebration with this easy kosha mangoso recipe, do let us know in the comments below how it is made.

Happy Durga Puja 2021!


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