Quick Breakfast Recipe: 6 Delicious Ways to Prepare Poha for Breakfast


  • Poha is a comfort food for many people.
  • We bring some quick poha recipes for you.
  • These poha dishes are easy to make and have a complete meal together.

Ask anyone for a quick breakfast option and the first name that comes to mind is Poha. Made with flattened rice, poha is quick, nuisance-free and nutritious. Flattened rice (also called chivda, cher, aval, etc.) is nutritious and light on the stomach – making it an essential snack for many people. Poha is eaten in almost every region across India, so much so that you will find every region with some unique ways to make it. While Kanda Poha occupies a consistent place in the food culture of Maharashtra, Gujarat enjoys Poha in the form of light, fried / baked snack called chivda. People in Bengal enjoy Poha as Pulav (Chir Polao). Whichever way you prepare it, poha is an absolute joy at any time of the day.

Why Poha is a Breakfast Necessary Health Benefits of Poha (Flattened Rice):

Although poha is light on the stomach, it is loaded with every necessary nutrient for a well-balanced diet. It is a repository of good carbs, iron, B-vitamins, probiotics etc. These factors help in regulating digestion and metabolism, which promote overall health. Poha has a low calorie content and is ideal for your weight loss diet.

It is also considered good for managing blood sugar levels. Poha is rich in fiber which, according to experts, regulates blood sugar flow and prevents sudden rise in blood sugar levels.

Poha for breakfast: Interesting ways to include Poha in your diet:

Poha is versatile to the core and has many recipes to its credit. If you are looking for some unique flattened rice dishes to add to your breakfast diet, then we have a surprise for you. We have brought you 6 delicious dishes from all over India, which can please your palate.


Poha is a nutritious dish to recreate.

Here are 6 delicious poha recipes for breakfast:

Kanda Poha

The discussion on Poha is never complete without mentioning the super delicious Kanda Poha of Maharashtra. This dish made with flattened rice and lots of onions is a must have in every Maharashtrian household. Here is a recipe for you. Click here.

Dadpe Poha

Another variation of Maharashtrian poha, this is a recipe that does not contain any food. Yes, you read it right! All you have to do is mix raw poha with onion, coconut, chilli etc. and add cumin and curry leaves to it. Click here for the recipe.

Indori poha

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Indori Poha (along with Jalebi) defines the city’s food culture. It is a sweet and spicy poha recipe originally made with jeeravan masala (special indori masala). Try it at home and serve it with some snacks for a delightful breakfast. Click here for the recipe.

Poha cutlet

We all enjoy cutlets for breakfast. Don’t we? Here is a cutlet recipe with poha, potato and gram flour which will add some freshness to your meal. You should give poha cutlet a try. Click here for the recipe.

Doi Chir

Ask any Bengali about Doi chire, the only answer you will get is ‘soul-pleasing’. A delicious blend of yogurt, poha, sugar (or any healthier option) and banana – doi chir is simply irresistible. Click here for the recipe.


Aval simile

We also got a South Indian Aval Upma recipe for you where you have to replace the semolina / rava with flattened rice. Along with having a full breakfast, Avel Upma also makes for a healthy breakfast in the evening. Click here for the recipe.

Let us know which one you liked in the comments section below.

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