Recipe Viral: Mini Banana Pancakes Are the Tiniest, Most Delicious Breakfast Sensation

Breakfast is considered the first and most important meal of the day. According to nutritionists and experts, what you have in the morning can have a huge impact on the rest of your day. However, the task of making a healthy and nutritious breakfast first thing in the morning is easier said than done. What could we possibly whip up in the early hours of the morning that is quick to make and delicious to taste? A food blogger has found the ideal recipe for the first meal of the day – mini banana pancakes. They are super cute and small, yet fulfilling all at once. Have a look:

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The viral recipe was shared on Instagram by food blogger @maddisonskitchen, who has a huge fan following on the social media platform. Mini Banana Pancakes Recipe garnered almost 50k views and counting. In the short video clip, we can see Madison chopping a banana into small pieces. Then, with the help of a fork, she dips the banana pieces into a smooth pancake batter. These mini banana pancakes are then arranged on a hot griddle where they are toasted until golden-brown. They are served hot and fresh with some chocolate syrup drizzled on top.

What an easy and convenient breakfast recipe, right? Mini banana pancakes have become the latest breakfast sensation on social media. Many users left comments about the super easy and quick breakfast recipe. Many wanted to know about the pancake batter used in the recipe, which Madison revealed was a standard pancake mix available in the market. For the Classic American Pancake Batter recipe you can click here.

Seeing how many of her followers love the mini banana pancakes, Madison posted another recipe, this time using strawberry slices. A similar recipe yielded some delicious miniature pancakes that were drizzled with white chocolate sauce. Have a look:

Isn’t this just the breakfast recipe you need? Try these cute little pancakes at home and let us know how the results came.

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