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Reddit user posted a video of a dog buying fruit, netizens are in awe



We all love to cook delicious food. A good plate can lift our mood and make our day. But how many of us choose to take the trouble of going out to the market and fetching the ingredients that make up the delicious food? Many people think that vegetable shopping is a boring task. Well, if you are one of them, you better train your dog to shop. Are you surprised by our suggestion? Do not become. Because in a viral video it is seen that a dog is also capable of buying goods from the market.

The video we are talking about was shared on the social media platform Reddit. In the clip, a dog carries a basket to a fruit stall in the market. On reaching the spot, she drops the basket and waits patiently. The shop owner weighs the fruits and puts them in the basket. She takes the money in the basket and puts the change back. Then, she taps the pile of fruit to signal the dog to leave. Before the dog leaves, he picks up another fruit and puts it in the basket. Then, he obediently takes the handle of the basket to his mouth and walks back home. The video is titled, “The dog goes shopping.”

Users were surprised to see this sight. He left comments that showed his amusement. One user wrote, “(It) living its best urbanized life like dogs. Loved it.”

The other was filled with so much love for this canine treat that she wrote, “We just don’t deserve dogs – love it so much.” On this discussion, another user wrote, “I will stomach him.”


कुछ लोगों ने कहानी का एक मज़ेदार पक्ष पाया और देखा कि कैसे कुत्ता आधे-अधूरे मन से टोकरी को घर वापस ले आया। एक यूजर ने लिखा, ‘कुत्ते के पास ‘काम करना बोरिंग’ चेहरा होता है।

दर्शकों ने यह भी देखा कि कैसे कुत्ते ने दुकान से बाहर निकलने से पहले फल का आखिरी टुकड़ा पकड़ लिया। “पसंद आया कि एक तरह से अंत में सौदेबाजी होती है। पर्याप्त नहीं है, मैं और लेता हूं,” प्रतिक्रियाओं में से एक था।

एक अन्य ने लिखा, “तथ्य यह है कि उसने आखिरी सेब को तने से उठाया था, यह दर्शाता है कि वह कितना सावधान और सटीक है।”


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