Stop? What?! Eating This Jumbo Bhature can help you win Rs 11,000

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we love a good competition! This is why we have so many competition-based television shows, be it dancing, singing or cooking. Wouldn’t it be nice to compete for food too? Street vendors across the country have decided to realize this idea in new and innovative ways. Delhi is full of such food and drink competitions! A vendor is challenging the customers to finish twenty one Chole Kulchas in 30 minutes. And if the customer is successful, he will get a cash prize of Rs. 50,000 We’ve found another eating challenge with chickpeas at its center that might pique your interest. A street vendor is challenging you to finish Chole Bhature in a minute. to keep track:

These are no ordinary Chole-Bhaturas. The twist of the challenge is that the chole comes with a jumbo sized bhature. In the video, we see how this special jumbo bhatura is prepared for the challenge. Jumbo Bhature is served with classic chole and some masala potatoes. If a person finishes a whole plate of Jumbo Chole Bhature in a minute then he gets a cash prize of Rs. 11,000! This is probably the fastest way to earn that much money in one go. Completing the challenge is not impossible and quite possible, as we see in the video that the food blogger who attempted the challenge for the first time successfully completed it within forty nine seconds.

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The video was uploaded by a YouTube-based food blogger known as the foodie giant and the challenge video garnered 457k views and 22k likes. The Chole Bhature Challenge is being hosted by Ghanshyam Chole Bhature, Rohini, Delhi. Would you be interested in trying out this challenge? Do let us know in the comment section.