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Tamannaah Bhatia’s “Daily Routine” Has This Healthy Drink



The whole week may be for workouts but weekends usually call for indulgence. People often savor their favorite food and cheat meals on weekends. However, this weekend is a little different for actress Tamannaah Bhatia. She started her Sundays on a healthy note, which is also a part of her daily routine. On Instagram Stories, Tamannaah posted a boomerang, which shows a drink garnished with lime wedges. She listed content for her Instafam. Tamanna made the drink using water, cinnamon and lemon. He also mentioned some health benefits of the drink.

In the caption, Tamannaah wrote, ‘Lemon and cinnamon help cleanse the liver and line the intestine. Also helps promote smooth bowels.”

He put up a sticker that read, “Daily Routine.” Tamannaah used the hashtag ‘Back to the Roots’.

Take a look at his post:

Tamannaah Bhatia shared this picture on Instagram

This is not the first time Tamannaah has spoken about the drink on Instagram Stories. This drink seems like her go-to option whenever she wants to replenish a cheat meal. Earlier, she ate a sumptuous dessert after this drink. She made it using water, cinnamon and lemon which is what she enjoys today. Read more about it here.

Tamannaah often shares diet and nutrition tips with her Instafam. She once posted a picture of herself drinking coconut water. She captioned the picture, “Drink to slim down. @rashichowdary recommends having mineral rich coconut water with cream as a snack to keep my skin hydrated! Delicious cream gives me good fat to stay in shape. Tamanna spoke about the benefits of having coconut water in this post. Click here to know how such healthy drinks play an important role in Tamannaah’s eating habits and food choices.

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On another occasion, Tamannaah posted about delicious Sindhi food. She shared a picture of Sai Bhaji and Pulao on Instagram and we were drooling. Sai Bhaji is prepared with several vegetables like spinach and brinjal. Click here to read more about Tamannaah’s delicious food.

Tamannaah Bhatia’s food diaries are amazing, and we wish her more updates often!


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