The 5 Best Sandwich Spreads to Make Your Sandwiches Better

Can you imagine eating just two slices of bread without seasonings and spreads? Seems pretty dull and tasteless, doesn’t it? Therefore, sandwich spreads come to the rescue to enhance the taste and texture of the sandwich. Be it the classic cheese sandwich, pesto sandwich, veg sandwich or chocolate sandwich – for almost every kind of sandwich you could want. All you have to do is fill a spoonful of sandwich spread, spread it evenly over the bread slices, add your favorite toppings, and enjoy. Yes, it’s that easy and fast! Hence, it is always a good idea to stock a variety of spreads to prepare the varieties of sandwiches whenever you want, that too without any hassle.

Here are 5 options for sandwich spreads for you to choose from.

1. Vieba Sandwich Spread

Let’s start with the classic. This Vieba product includes two spreads – Thousand Island Spread and Cheese & Chili Spread. Apart from being spread on sandwiches, these condiments can also be used to make delicious rolls, wraps, subwiches and more.

2. Dr. Otekar Funfood Sandwich Spread

A vegetarian dish, this sandwich spread is made with crunchy pieces of cucumber and carrots. Plus, the creamy texture of this spread gives the sandwich a cheesy flavor. Just spread it between two slices of bread and voila! Your delicious sandwich is ready to eat.

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3. Delmonte Sandwich Spread

A blend of mayo, cheese, exotic herbs and spices, this spread by Delmonte makes a perfect sandwich and burger spread. Apart from being used as a spread, this pack can also be used as a dip for nachos and chips. Try it today!

4. Gourmet Jar Whole Grain Mustard Spread

We’ve got a healthy yet delicious option for you. Made with a special blend of mustard, honey, apple cider vinegar and other spices, it can be the perfect choice to prepare sandwiches, burgers and wraps in no time.

5. The Vegan Company’s Jalapeno Cheese Dip

If you’re vegan, this jar of jalapeno cheese spread will fit the bill. Made from nutritious, keto-friendly and gluten-free ingredients, this paneer dip/spread can be a perfect choice for both dieters and non-dieters.

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