These exotic dishes are included in Rhea Kapoor’s latest indulgence

Rhea Kapoor’s love for food is an undeniable fact. His fans know this and so do his friends and family. Bollywood celebrities never shy away from talking openly about their food diaries on social media. Actually, his Instagram timeline is full of pictures and videos related to food. On Saturday, she released several photos and videos of a day’s outing in London. In this his sister and actress Sonam Kapoor also appeared. The carousel post contained several glimpses of the food they were in. One photo showed us a dish that looked like some kind of flat bread. It was served with a creamy dip that also had streaks of red spicy sauce.

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The second photo of the meal in the post included the preparation of prawns. The prawns were cooked in pink color and served in a curry with thick green chutney. The dish was garnished with herbs. We can also see roast beef which is served with chopped beetroot and herbs. A spicy mustard sauce and a green dip accompany the dish. to keep track:

Wherever Rhea Kapoor goes, Sunday seems like a feast. One of his Sunday posts was about “Eat, Sleep and Repeat”. The update included several pictures of Rhea and husband Karan Boolani enjoying Sunday from the comfort of home. Their pets are also featured in the post. Rhea and Karan also enjoyed a sumptuous meal which left us drooling. This meal included lobster, roti, vegetables, salad and much more. What caught our attention was the extravagant dining setup. It was an earthen installation with copper pots, flower vases and candles. “Sundays – food, nap, love and repeat!” What does his post read?

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Rhea Kapoor loves to enjoy a variety of cuisines from around the world. And, she often feeds exotic dishes to her friends. So, it was no surprise to our eyes when we saw her hosting a meal that included dishes like enchiladas, birria tacos and vegetarian salads. The caption read, “Found some gorgeous chilis and poblanos last week and a new collection from Ravi Vazirani clearly revealed… Mexican Night.”


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