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This Chili Garlic Potato Bite Recipe is the Ultimate Snack for Mid-Week Enjoyment



We don’t mind admitting that potato is the most versatile vegetable we have in our kitchen. When you don’t know what to cook, you can always turn to potatoes to make something. From gravies, curries, snacks or even a simple side salad, there is no shortage of recipes that leave us spoiled for choice. Moreover, potatoes are not just famous in Indian cuisine; They are also popular in other cuisines around the world. So, if you also love a good potato dish, then here we bring you a popular recipe of Chili Garlic Potato Bites! These Chili Garlic Potato Bites add a spicy and tangy flavor to the roasted garlic making it a winning recipe for any occasion.

In this easy to make recipe, you have to prepare the potatoes by mashing them, then frying them and adding the flavor of garlic and spices to it. Sounds easy to make, doesn’t it? Once you’ve made it, we’re sure you’ll keep coming back to these. Plus, people of all ages will love this crunchy potato snack. So, without further delay, let us have a look at the recipe of these Chilli Garlic Potato Bite.

About Chili Garlic Potato Bites Recipe: Here’s How To Make Chili Garlic Potato Bites

First, grate the potatoes and keep aside. Next, heat a pan, fry garlic and chili flakes in oil. Add rice flour to the pan, let it cook for some time. Add in the water and mix well till the rice flour becomes a soft dough. Take it off the flame. In a mixing bowl, combine grated potatoes and rice flour flour. Roll out small bite-sized balls from this dough with your hands. Deep fry the balls. Once they are crisp enough, take them out, garnish with cheese and enjoy!

For the full recipe for Chili Garlic Potato Bite, click here.

Make this delicious recipe, and let us know how you liked it!


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