This Madurai stall serves tea in edible, chocolate-flavored biscuit cups!

A Madurai tea stall has created an interesting way of serving tea.


  • A unique way to serve tea is revealed in a tea stall in Madurai.
  • They are using edible tea cups made from chocolate flavored biscuits.
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable ideas have become a sensation

Tea is a drink that has a huge fan following across the country, and its most favorite accompaniment is biscuits. Countless citizens begin their day with a chai-biscuit combination, choosing from a wide variety of flavors and brands. A tea stall in Madurai, Tamil Nadu took the tea-biscuit combination and gave it a new spin. RS Pathi Eucalyptus Tea Stall is serving small amounts of tea in edible cups made of chocolate flavored biscuits. So you can drink your tea, and then eat the cup – create zero waste and taste amazingly good!

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According to a video report by The Better India, the RS Pathi Nilgiri Tea Stall dates from around 1909. After the announcement of ban on plastics by the Indian government in October 2019, the owner of the tea shop, Vivek Sabapati came up with the innovative idea. India plans to gradually eliminate the use of single-use plastic and ban it completely by the year 2022. Daily use items such as plastic bags, cups, plates, bottles, straws etc. are included. This is why many businesses across the country are searching for alternative solutions for plastics.

Sabapathy chanted over biscuit cups, exploring options for removing environmentally friendly tea cups and plastic cups. The price of a cup of edible biscuit tea is Rs. 20 / – only and has become a rage ever since it was launched in the month of July. Social media users took to Twitter to praise the initiative. Just look:

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About 60ml of tea can be served in a cup, which needs to be drunk within ten minutes, in the same way that the cup can get sour. According to a video report by News minuteOnce the epidemic situation eases, the owners of the RS Pathi Eucalyptus Tea Stall plan to launch cups of tea in other flavors of biscuits.

Kudos for serving tea made the stall owners think of a simple, yet creative solution for serving tea. We hope that many more tea stalls across India will be inspired by their initiative, and will gradually follow suit to achieve environmental sustainability.

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