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This riverside restaurant in Thailand is flooded with people; reason can make you happy



Chaopraya Antique Café, an eatery in Nonthaburi on the banks of the Chao Phraya River near Bangkok, Thailand, has become a hotspot for those looking for a unique dining experience. No, it does not charge you exorbitantly but promises an exciting experience. So, what does this eatery offer? Nice dining experience in flood affected area. Yes, you read that right! Despite the strong storm, people come in large numbers to eat in the restaurant. This restaurant is open to all casual customers who are keen to experience “shin-deep” dining.

Those who visit the restaurant enjoy the food of their choice while sitting on the drenched chairs, even as the flood waters rise.

Initially, the restaurant’s owner, Titiporn Jutimanon, thought he would have to close the restaurant and put a complete stop to the business that was already struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, then he changed his mind and decided to try to turn the crisis into an opportunity. That’s when he got this idea.

Check out the cafe here:

According to a Reuters report, Juttimanone said people “love the atmosphere and barbecue pork and the view of the sunset”. He said that floods have become an additional unique factor. Jutimanon feels lucky that customers love it, and that the flooding didn’t become a hindrance.

Earlier, during the pandemic-induced lockdown, Jutimanon had to close his business. Now, the deck is brimming with customers happily munching on their favorite food such that eating at a flood-hit restaurant is the norm. Reuters reports that the restaurant has two meetings per day for customers who want to enjoy the unique experience, when the water level is at its highest.

In the past few weeks, about 30 northern and central provinces in Thailand have been affected by floods. The water level of the rivers flowing through Bangkok is continuously rising.

Following the months-long COVID-19 lockdown, the floods could have brought more disaster to Chaopraya Antique Cafe. Instead, the restaurant has got a silver lining. Now, as more and more customers enjoy the experience of dining with their feet submerged in water, who knows, soon, they may have to make reservations before visiting Chaupraya Antique Café.


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