Viral Video: Man’s Inexplicable Invention Called Food Funnel Has Attracted Foodies

An ‘unnecessary invention’ has caught the attention of foodies around the world! A man on the internet has made a unique invention called the ‘Food Funnel’. Their design focuses on saving food by reusing dropped and extra food. In his video demonstration he has shown the use of his useful tools by eating a burrito. Those who’ve had burritos know that eating this Mexican wrap is a messy affair, with stuffing falling everywhere. What his inventor does is collect all the stuffing from the open end of the funnel. At the narrow end, he holds an empty taco shell, so that all the collected stuffing falls into the shell, making tacos from spilled food! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?!

This foodie invention has gone viral with the video garnering 19.2 million views and almost 698k likes! Uploaded by the Instagram handle @unnecessaryinvention and re-shared by @9gag, Matty Benedetto is the brain behind this genius invention. The self-taught product designer is known for making mind-bending but unnerving inventions. His page has over 1.3 million followers, which is full of inventions that aren’t needed in real life, but are amazing. However, Matty Benedetto’s funnel funnel appears to be a lifesaver for the messy eaters of the world who can’t help but stretch the food while eating. Here’s what people commented about this invention:

“To be honest, the idea isn’t too bad”

“With This We Can Make Unlimited Tacos”

“Best. Invention. Ever.”

“eat burrito, sell tacos”

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The same maker had earlier invented another which will delight the eaters. Called the “Never Napping Bow,” it’s a vibrating popcorn bowl designed to automatically wake you up if you fall asleep while watching a movie. Take a look:

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