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Want to make roti at home? 5 Best Bread Maker Alternatives for You



Bread is a breakfast staple that is loved by all. In this fast-paced world, we mostly opt for store-bought bread, mainly because it is easily available and accessible. But nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread made at home. Though the process of making bread at home is not that difficult, but we cannot deny that it is quite tedious and time consuming. What if we say that we have found a device that can help you make roti at home without any hassles, that too without any hindrance. It’s called a bread maker – which helps you do the hard work with just the push of a few buttons.

Here are 5 best bread makers to make freshly baked bread at home-

1. Kent Dough and Bread Maker:

This fully automatic dough and bread maker from Kent can help you prepare your favorite bread in just minutes. All you have to do is press the one-touch operation button and the machine will do the mixing and kneading for you. Additionally, it comes with a 19-program-menu so that you can create many other items as well.

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2. Lifetime Dough and Bread Maker:

The next option is the Lifelong Dough and Bread Maker which will help you easily prepare freshly made bread with its automatic kneading, fermentation and baking feature. The best part about this bread maker is that it gives you the option to bake light, medium and dark crusts.

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3. Hamilton Beach Home Baker 29882 Bread Maker-

Create fresh, soft and fluffy bread at home with Hamilton Beach Home Baker. It’s the perfect choice for the health-conscious because it has settings like gluten-free and whole grain so you can make great bread using a variety of flours.

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4. Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker for Home

Enjoy gluten-free freshly baked bread at home with the Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker. This machine has two loaf size options and 3 crust options making it the ideal bread maker for home bakers.

5. Cuisinart CBK-100 2 LB Bread Maker-

This versatile bread maker from Cuisinart Kitchen Electrics offers a variety of crust colors and loaf sizes and 12 pre-programmed menu options. This easy-to-use bread maker comes with a viewing window, removable lid, pan, and paddle for quick and easy cleanup.

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