Want to make your morning coffee healthier? 13 tips shared by celebrity fitness trainers

Do you find it difficult to start your day without your cup of coffee? Or is it your go-to stress-buster? Whether you are a coffee drinker or an occasional coffee buff, the side effects of a caffeine shot can often worry you. However, if you stay informed about the best ways to cup your favorite, you’ll have less to worry about with every sip. Best practices range from choosing the best beans to adjusting coffee intake in relation to your meals. Life coach Luke Coutinho shares some of these valuable tips and tricks on Instagram, and we’ve got them covered for you.

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Luke suggests ways to make your cup of coffee healthier. Her mantra is to keep it simple and real. Also beware of overdoing it because, according to Luke, “excess of anything is a bad thing and is not needed.”

Coffee is a widely consumed beverage all over the world

Here are the tips he shared:

1. Choose the right beans. Use good quality coffee beans for your daily cup and make sure they are free of chemicals.

2. No sugar and artificial sweetener. Eat plain or use raw jaggery or stevia if needed.

3. Use real cream. Skip artificial creams as they contain high levels of corn fructose and trans fats.

4. Add a pinch of cinnamon. It not only enhances the taste but also helps in controlling the blood sugar level.

5. Use a pinch of cardamom powder. This can help reduce the acidity used by the coffee.

6. Do not eat it empty stomach. Coffee is highly acidic and a strong stimulant. So, restrain yourself from having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

7. Eat, then drink. The food in your stomach will help balance the drink.

8. But remember that spicy food and coffee are a bad pairing.


India also has a large number of coffee drinkers

9. Drink water. Within 10 minutes of your intake, drink some water to replenish body fluids. Remember, coffee doesn’t count as helping your hydration level.

10. No evening coffee. The cortisol and adrenaline in it can interfere with melatonin, which is associated with sleep. Coffee consumption after noon can disrupt sleep patterns.

11. Let it cool down. It is better not to consume boiling hot drinks and the same goes for coffee.

12. Remember that fasting with coffee is not a fast.

13. Take it slow and enjoy. Make it a “real” coffee break. Step back, indulge with the drink and enjoy it.

You can check out Luke’s post here:

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Hope these pointers help you enjoy your kappa even better.



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