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WATCH: Chocolate Casserole Is the Latest Terrible Food Combination the Internet Has Denied



There is no denying that everyone loves chocolate. Chocolate in almost any sweet recipe – cake, ice cream, barfi etc – wins our hearts. But adding chocolate to classic savory recipes? That’s too much! If the recent videos of chocolate maggi, chocolate gol gappas and more on the internet have left you stunned, then you can’t be quite ready for it! Adding weird food combinations to our feeds over the past year or two, this video of chocolate casserole is too much to handle. If you can’t fathom it, imagine the plight of the person who ate it.

A video posted on Instagram handle ‘spoonsofmumbai’ shows a man waiting for her with a plate of white rice casserole at a restaurant. He is then seen pouring a generous amount of chocolate sauce while swirling throughout the casserole. Then he mixes it and takes a bite out of it. Their quick reaction after a bite made it clear what it tasted like.

Watch the video here:

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Did you see how the man immediately jumps out of his seat after tasting the chocolate casserole? It also made us gross. And it did the same to almost everyone who saw it. The video garnered over 3 lakh views and over 3k likes. And most of the comments express their shock and disgust at such creation. In fact, many viewers asked why the man would try it. Several people even tagged their friends and asked them if they would give it a try.

Would you dare to try something like this? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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