Watch: Dad gets special engraved chopping board as a gift, gets emotional

Choosing gifts for people is not an easy task. We often struggle to find suitable gifts for our friends, relatives and family members. What gift could we possibly give that is memorable and cherished? These questions haunt the mind of the average gift giver. However, a son recently found the perfect gift for his father, gifting him a special engraved chopping board. What’s so amazing about a chopping board, you ask? Well, this gift was special to such an extent that it made her emotional and tears welled up in her eyes. The healthy video was shared on Reddit and it soon went viral. to keep track:

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The video was shared by user u/j5029 on the sub-Reddit r/MadeMeSmile, where it garnered 55.7k upvotes in no time. In the short clip, we see the father opening his gift box. He opens it to find a chopping board inside it. However, this was not your normal wooden board as it had a special engraving on it. The caption of the video read, “I engraved his father’s famous chili recipe on a cutting board for him in his father’s handwriting. His father passed away this year.”

The father was shocked to see the special gift from the son. A family heirloom recipe engraved on a chopping board made this gift extra special. “Thank you,” he said to the camera in a moment that was extremely emotional.

Reddit users loved seeing this healthy and sweet video. While some said that it brought a smile to his face, some said that it brought tears to his face. Some even pointed out that it was a great way to preserve a family heirloom recipe that usually disappears with previous generations.

Take a look at some of the responses.

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What did you think of the wholesome video of Dad’s Gifts? Have you ever gifted something similar to your loved ones? Tell us in the comments.

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