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Watch: How To Make South Indian Classic Mysore Pak in 10 Minutes



Whatever the occasion, we just need an excuse to eat a delicious dessert! We buy a new car, we open a box of kaju katli, our siblings pass board exams, we mark the occasion with gulab jamuns. The love of sweets among Indians is unanimous and that is why we have so many unique dessert recipes in our cuisine! The north has its own special variety of sweets and the south has its own range of sweet treats. Most of us have a habit of buying sweets from confectioners because we think that making sweets at home is very difficult, but the truth is that it is very easy to make. We’ve found a way to recreate the South Indian classic Mysore Pak in just 10 minutes!

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YouTube-based food blogger “Cook With Parul” has managed to shorten the dessert making process with her simple and easy take on Mysore culinary recipe. Using just three ingredients – jaggery, gram flour and ghee – we can get the same halwai-like smooth and silky Mysore Pak at home. This sweet can be easily stored for a month.

Make this easy Mysore Pak in 10 minutes.

Sieve the gram flour in a pan. Dry roast the gram flour for some time on low flame. You don’t need to add ghee or oil. Remove the pan from the heat. After this, gradually add half a cup of room temperature ghee to the dry roasted gram flour and mix it well. Make sure you get a smooth lump-free mixture. Keep it aside. Take another pan and melt the jaggery with water. Once it melts, take it off the flame. Now mix the gram flour mixture with the melted jaggery. After that, slowly mix in the rest of the ghee. Set the Mysore Pak mixture in a rectangular tin. Mysore Pak is ready!

Watch the video for step by step recipe of Mysore Pak:

Looks delicious, doesn’t it?! Re-create this quick and easy Mysore Pak in 10 minutes and surprise your family with a delicious dessert. Tell us in the comment section how you liked it!