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Watch: Indian Sweet Shop Serves It At Rs 50,000 Per Kg, Would You Dare To Try It



There’s something about extremes that fascinates us, whether it’s the extravagance of unconventional shapes and sizes of food items like miniature meals or overpriced gold ice cream, the further away from reality they are, the more interesting they are. Not many of us are interested in trying them ourselves, but we certainly get curious by the meager attention these foods receive. India is also not far behind when it comes to these extraordinary creations. After all, we are a country that is obsessed with ‘jugaad’ culture and we pulled some strings and presented to the world what might be one of the most expensive Indian sweets ever.

Get ready to loose your pockets, as the price of this sweet is Rs 50,000 per kg. Yes, you read it absolutely right. An Indian sweet shop has come forward with this gold plated delicacy which is served in the most royal manner. A recent video by food blogger ‘foodie incarnate’ gives us a closer look at this dessert. The blogger explains that he got a four-piece package that cost him INR 2000. He further takes a bite of the dessert and gives an honest review saying that the sweet taste is “quite normal”. The video has garnered 727k views, 82k likes and 753 comments. See it there:

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One comment read, “No thanks..Normal test h to kon khana chahiye” (No thanks, if it tastes normal why would anyone have it), “Normal test h to kya matlab itne paise de ke” (if Its taste is normal, so what is the point of paying all this money) tells the other.

Some of the other comments left on the video are hilarious. Most of the viewers are shocked beyond belief and many of them are comparing how they can get a year’s supply of sweets with the same price. “Ek saal ki methi kha sakte main hai” (we can have sweets for a year at this rate) read one comment, while another read “the price will only increase sugar” (just enough to make the price shoot at you). is) sugar level). “Bhai etne mai. 50 kg desi ghee ke laddu le aauga” (I will get 50 kg desi ghee laddoos at the same price) and “50k confectionery ghar size will feed sweets throughout the year” (A confectioner will come to your house and make sweets. Year in price) There were a few other comments on the video.

Many praised the blogger for her honest review of the dessert and its taste, “the dishonesty policy” (you criticized their policy in front of the seller yourself) and “the way I give honest reviews.” Love you” read another comment. Many also pointed out that the packaging looks equally expensive and the box should also add to the final cost.

What are your thoughts on this 50k per kg sweet; Would you dare to try it?