Watch: Inspiring story of Mumbai-based kulfi sellers winning hearts on the internet; why over here

The internet is full of inspiring content that leaves us in awe of the feats people achieve on a daily basis. Seeing someone lose through difficulties inspires us to do the same and work harder. And, with inspiration people can achieve the impossible. We’ve got a story that will humble and inspire you at the same time! A video on the internet is telling the story of a kulfi seller selling kulfi on the streets of Mumbai. The stubbornness of the street food seller won the hearts of thousands! to keep track:

This Mumbaikar has been selling on the streets of the city for the last 28 years! The man has no shop or stall, he has to roam the streets throughout the day in search of customers. He carries a weight of more than 35 kg on his head and walks 15 km, so that he can sell kulfi and earn a living. He sells his kulfi for only Rs.10. The Kulfi seller can be seen working hard every day from morning till evening on the Bandra Fashion Street in Mumbai. This video has been uploaded by food blogger @youtubeswadofficial on his Instagram. It has garnered over 212k views and 22k likes.

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The Internet was in awe of this Kulfi seller! One onlooker was so impressed by the man that he remarked “I wish I was there, I would have bought all his kulfis in one go”. Another viewer commented, “Salute to him! I idolize people like him!” Selling food is the only source of income for the families of street food vendors, and so they work hard every day, whatever the season. Seeing people working hard like this motivates people to work hard as well as handle their situations. How do you feel after watching this video? Tell us in the comment section below!


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