Watch: The behind-the-scenes video of how the jaggery is made will blow your mind

Food lovers know that some dishes taste even more delicious when they are enjoyed at a special time. Pakodas taste more crunchy when we are surrounded by monsoon rain showers, gajar ka halwa melts in our mouths in the cool winter air and lemonade tastes extra refreshing on hot summer days. Another such seasonal dish is jaggery. The onset of winters makes jaggery a must for every Indian. Nowadays, this food is available throughout the year, but the freshest and most delicious jaggery is enjoyed only in winters. Special winter recipes like chikki, jaggery rice and many more make use of jaggery as a sweetener. Indians also use jaggery as a substitute for sugar in dishes like gajar ka halwa and laddus.

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This dessert is made after a long process of boiling the sugarcane juice till it thickens completely. We found a video giving a glimpse of this detailed process and we were in awe! The amount of time and effort that goes into making jaggery is really mind-blowing. Take a look:

In the video, kilograms of sugarcane are pressed through a giant juicer to extract fresh sugarcane juice. The juice is then purified by boiling at high temperature and the impurities are removed. The clear juice is processed by boiling it until it is concentrated into a thin viscous orange liquid. The liquid is then twisted and cooled to give us the master we know and love. The video uploaded by the foodie giant to YouTube has garnered over 46k views.

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Also known as jaggery, jaggery is highly recommended in winters due to its many health benefits. Jaggery can help reduce the burning sensation that occurs during coughing; It also helps in reducing dryness of the throat. Sunita Choudhary, Dietician, BLK Super Specialty Hospital says, “We need heat to keep the body warm and the heat is generated from the calories we get from food. That’s why jaggery is considered hot because it gives enough calories to keep the body warm. It also helps to dilate the blood vessels and generates heat in the body. Therefore, it is considered beneficial to consume jaggery in winter.

This healthy delight is made after a lot of hard work and effort. Do you think you can repeat this process at home? Tell us in the comment section below!