Watch: This 10-Minute Aloo Chaat Recipe Will Satisfy All Your Street Food Cravings

We all remember the days when we could go out without thinking; We didn’t have to think about whether it was safe to order or avoid our favorite chaat spot because of the crowds. The moment we crave for some street food, we go and get it. But it is not so now; With the pandemic, we not only have to keep ourselves clean and hygienic, but also keep our food. Sadly, having your favorite Chole Bhature and Samosas in a hurry is not possible, nor is it advised.

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Now, if you are anyone like us, we know that the thought of chapatta chaat in the evening is making your stomach hungry. Even we can’t decide what we miss the most, the obligatory extra sukha puri or the last bite of delicious momos, but we can make sure you don’t leave your seats sad and drooling. We found the perfect thing to brighten up your day, a street famous aloo kulhad chaat that is so easy you can’t stop yourself from making it every single day.

There are many easy homemade chaats that you can make

In search of easy home-made breakfast, we found a video of Parul Gupta on his YouTube channel ‘Cook with Parul’ which is the answer to all our questions. A spicy potato chaat, topped with crispy papdi, with a dollop of chilled curd. The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice your entire evening to make this snack, it’s easy but even better, it’s quick to make. What else do you ask for? Read the recipe and start cooking:

How to make 10 Minute Street Style Aloo Chaat/Aloo Handi Chaat Recipe:

Boil the potatoes and soaked peas overnight till they become soft. Take oil in a pan, add onion, ginger garlic, coriander powder, cumin powder, chaat masala, red chili powder, turmeric and salt. Do not hesitate to use these spices as it is a chaat which has a pungent taste. After it is cooked, add peas and potatoes and mash all the things well. Add some more chopped onions and tomatoes and mix everything well. Once the aloo matar is ready, serve in bowls or kulhads, top with chilled curd, crushed papdi or sev and decorate nicely like your favorite chaat wale bhaiya.

Watch the full recipe video of Aloo Chaat here:

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See how easy it is to get street flavor at home? Tell us your experience of cooking it in the comments below.



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