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WATCH: Vlogger Shares Invisible Pizza Recipe; internet feedback



Love watching cooking videos on the internet? If yes, then this article is just for you. The Internet is full of different types of cooking videos—some of which are experimental, some are educational and then there are some, which are unique (or can be quirky!), that make us basically happy. One such recipe video that we have seen recently is of an ‘invisible pizza’. Yes, you heard us. A vlogger named Michael Ligier took to his Instagram page (name: Micheligier) to share the recipe for the unique pizza he made. Let’s find out how he prepared ‘Invisible Pizza’.

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How to make Invisible Pizza:

In a one-shot video clip, we can see Ligier showing some transparent food and saying, “This is pizza. Well, it doesn’t look like it, but listen to the crunch.”

Then he went on to explain how he prepared it. “We’ve actually turned this kitchen into a chemistry lab, but we assure you, it tastes amazingly like pizza,” Ligier said, “We’ve created a crystal bread base that fits our pizzas.” Amazing crunch, some buffalo mozzarella cheese balls that burst with the goodness of cheese in your mouth. Tomato juice caviar for that hit of sweetness and acidity. Then we top it with some fresh basil… garlic powder. .. chili flakes … I know it’s extra . ..”

This video has recently been shared by YouTube on its official Instagram handle. And since then, the video has caught the attention of many users. Have a look:

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So far this video has got 23.6k likes and hundreds of comments. “Looks like sushi…” read one comment. Another comment read, “I was just thinking of ordering a pizza.”

What are your thoughts on this unique pizza recipe? Let us know in the comments below.

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