We are craving some good soup at Hina Khan’s comfy dinner

We are craving some good soup at Hina Khan’s comfy dinner

Hina Khan started as a TV actress and became an icon with her amazing acting and humble personality! This year, she also went to Cannes to represent India with her film country of the blind, While we love the work she does on screen, we love her eating habits more! Celebrity foodies love to bring us along on our foodie journey, whether it’s on a vacation abroad or enjoying a simple meal at home. With over 17.2 million followers on Instagram, Hina Khan always makes it a point to involve her fans and followers in all her food adventures.

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If you are someone who enjoys comfort food, we are pretty sure you can relate to Hina Khan! In his recent stories, he was seen enjoying some soup for dinner. to keep track:

Her nutritious bowl of soup looked soothing and delicious! With the caption ‘good soup’ on the image, she happily shared with her fans what her Tuesday dinner looked like. With the monsoons underway, the thought of enjoying hot soup amidst the drizzle of rain brings warmth and comfort like no other! If you also want to enjoy soup like Hina Khan, then we have some delicious soups that you can easily make at home:

Hot and Sour Soup, Tomato Soup and 5 Other Winter Soups for Cold Nights

Hina Khan’s sharp wit and sense of humor make her an edible foodie! Recently, he shared a hilarious reel where he drew a comparison between dandiya and chopsticks and if you watch the video, you too will surely laugh! Not only this, Hina Khan also gave a glimpse of how festivals are celebrated at her home. During Ramzan, she showed what the iftar meal looked like at her home and that everything was healthy!

Do you love following Hina Khan’s Foodie Adventures? How did you like Hina Khan’s soup? Tell us in the comment section below!


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