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What is the Egg-Celent Guinness World Record! Man balances 735 eggs on his hat



If you’ve been gifted with an unusual talent, and you’re ready to push the boundaries of creativity, talent, and skill, then Guinness World Records is the place for you. There’s room for all kinds of weird and surprising talents. However, just when you start to think you’ve seen it all, comes another bizarre display of talent and skill – like we’re about to tell you! It’s about a man who balances the most eggs on a hat. Yes, you read that right! Gregory da Silva, a resident of Benin, West Africa, laid 735 eggs on his cap.

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Gregory’s unique talent has garnered attention when it comes to handling a dozen or more eggs as we go. In an Instagram post on the official handle of Guinness World Records, we can see a small clip of da Silva carrying eggs on his hat, trying to balance them. The caption reads, “Most eggs are carried on a single cap, 735 by Gregory da Silva.”

The post further added, “Gregory of Benin, West Africa, spent three days adding eggs to his hat for this spectacular balancing record at the GWR Special Show for CCTV in China.”

Watch the video here:

People filled the comment section with fire, clap and heart-eye emoji.

While one user wrote, “That’s really impressive”, another asked, “What was the total weight of all the eggs.”

Gregory is also known as “Eggman” from Cape Town, South Africa. He has traveled around the world demonstrating this talent for balancing eggs. He’s been entertaining people around the world as he continues his balancing act by moving around as smoothly as possible. He has also appeared in many television shows.

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Representing almost all countries in Africa, da Silva has often been seen at various events, standing with a tall hat of many eggs and entertaining people with his smile and colorful attire. He is a well-known entertainer both locally and globally.


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